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Top 10 Best Hotel Chain Brands in India

06 Apr 2022
Top 10 Best Hotel Chain Brands in India

Hotels are said to be both the pride of a city and the history of a country. Even if you are going on vacation, or on a work tour, or on some other kind of trip, you might have to travel across the countries or even across the world. Lodge: You stay there when things like this happen. Hotels are categorized and rated based on how many stars they have. It’s also possible to choose the type of hotel and room that best fits your needs and your money. If you look at the state of the hotel rooms in a country, you can figure out how healthy it is.

There are also a lot of Hotel brands in India that are trying to show the world what India has to offer. If you live in India, you can find some of them there, but others come from outside of India. However, all of them have built a lot of new and unique hotels so that our cities look pretty and welcome the guest to stay in.

Before Covid-19, India’s hospitality industry was on fire. India was not the only country to be hit by the Coronavirus, and it has hit other countries, too. Because of this, it had a significant impact on the hospitality business. In any case, the world is slowly becoming the way it used to be, and hotels are starting to open again so people can stay there.

These things are part of hospitality: the Hotels, restaurant, bar, and transportation. Hotels and hospitality brands of all kinds are available in India, and they are at the heart of the tourism business. Many businesses in these fields offer high-quality services and luxurious amenities to spent your time with your loved ones and create memories. The many Hotel brands also help the treasures of India in India. These are the top Hotel companies in India, so this is their list altogether.

1. IHCL, Taj Group.
2. HLV Ltd.
3. The Oberoi family owns and runs EIH Ltd
4. Hyatt
5. JW Marriott
6. Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd.
7. ITC Hotels
8. The LaLit.
9. Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd. 
10. Radisson